Function room for hire near Bristol

When the work is done...


  • Full length skittle alley
  • Genuine Lignum Vitae skittle balls
  • Traditional sycamore handmade skittles
  • Scoreboard for 'Home' and 'Away' teams of up to 14 players each (28 total)
  • Refreshments and alcoholic beverages available
  • Removable skittle lane (see below)
  • Air Conditioning
  • Large sliding barn doors provide natural light and fresh country air
  • Dimmable lights
  • Service kitchen

The skittle alley has two main purposes - primarily as a sporting arena for friendly competition and comraderie but also as a party venue. Rolls Royce designed the skittle lane barrier to be removable and the ball return boards to fit the void thereby creating a flat and level surface. This makes the room adaptable to other needs including product launches, larger meetings, receptions etc. The dimensions of the room are 44'7" by 18'2".

Should you wish to stretch your legs you are welcome to enjoy the gardens of Old Church Farm and the historic churchyard.